A smart drug – modafinil

Most of you must have heard about the performance enhancing drug or what we call smart drug – Modafinil. It is also better known as a nootropic. It enhances and improves the cognitive function of the user in several ways. Yes, these days there are several smart drugs available, but Modafinil seems to be better accepted, with hardly any side effects and suitable for most for the following reasons –
• Contrary to what some might think it is not a stimulant. It certainly acts like one, but it is more a eugeroic or more particularly an agent which promotes wakefulness. Most stimulants which promote wakefulness make you jittery or speedy. But Modafinil does not do that. It also does not have any withdrawal or crash symptoms like many other drugs do have.
• Modafinil or Modalert is not at all addictive; in fact it has helped many in kicking addictions.
• It has almost no side effects. Thus it is extremely safe.
• The movie with Bradley Cooper – Limitless is a good portrayal of this drug. It gives you superhuman capabilities of mental processing with hardly any downsides.
How does Modafinil boost your mood and brain?
There are a vast number of studies and evidence to show that Modafinil has excellent effects.
• It can improve one’s mood and increase the resistance towards fatigue.
• In normal and healthy adults, this drug is known to enhance motivation, vigilance, the time of reaction as well as fatigue levels.
• When we are stressed out or in a hurry we tend to take impulsive or bad decisions. One particular study showed that Modafinil is quite effective in reducing the impulsive response.
• Those who are sleep deprived like doctors; in them it can enhance brain functions.
If you would like to try it, you can buy Modafinil. It is quite easily available online.

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