Action Cameras on a Budget – The Best Buys For Under 200 GBP

Many people use action cameras on a regular basis, even as part of the livelihood if shooting HD footage for specialist sports pictures, for instance. In this case investing at a high of the stove, complete HD action camera is totally justified.
By comparison, for your casual part-time consumer, action cameras are arguably more of a luxury than a necessity since they may just be used a small number of times per year. For many, this may make it tough to justify spending hard earned cash on a top of the stove action camera, including a GoPro HD2 or even the new Drift HD.

Happily, for all those on a slightly tighter budget there are a number of fantastic choices available on the market. Below are a few of the best action camera under 100.
Bullet HD lite 720p (119.99)
The Bullet HD Lite is your small brother of this revolutionary Bullet HD Guru Helmet camera. Being small and light, the Bullet HD will go almost undetected when mounted onto a consumers’ helmet or goggles, which makes it perfect for people who prefer to maintain their apparel light. What the Bullet HD Lite lacks in size, it constitutes in performance, using a resolution of 720p @ 25fps (frames per second), 5 camera pictures with 3 minute burst mode and a 135 levels optical wide angle lens to catch an excellent field of view. The Bullet HD Light just has one button, which makes it extremely simple to use and a number of included accessories permit a broad selection mounting choices. For people searching for a feature-rich, entrance level best action camera under 100 with no breaking the bank, look no farther than the Bullet HD Lite.
Bullet HD Onyx (164.99)
The Onyx sits directly between the Bullet HD Lite along with the daddy of this Bullet household the Bullet HD Guru 1080p also offers the very best of both worlds when it comes to performance and affordability. In keeping with all the HD Lite, the Onyx is ultra-lightweight and little enough to mount anywhere practically unnoticed. The Onyx boasts 720p resolution at a rate of 30fps (slightly more than its counterpart) but what actually sets the Onyx apart from your Lite is your capacity to catch 12 camera photos – a feature that is revolutionary. The Onyx is an excellent mid-level action camera.

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