Any good magazine fed paintball guns you can buy?

Buying a paintball gun means you can buy one of two types. One is the type that uses a top loader. Though this is the most popular type of gun out there, it comes with a huge drawback. What is that drawback? It is the fact that loader gets in the way of your sights. Imagine a huge plastic container sitting on top of your gun, just about your sights or scope. You are still going to be able to see your sights or scope but the peripheral vision is affected badly.

People who hate this problem are the ones who choose the magazine fed gun. A magazine fed gun loads the paintballs from the bottom up, meaning you have an unrivalled look down your sights, without any awkward obstructions or objects.

If you are looking for one of the best paintball guns that loads paintballs through a magazine, we highly recommend the Tiberius Arms T15 paintball marker rifle. It is completely made out of aluminum, giving you a premium gun that will last you a very long time. It ships with 6 cartridges that you can use to load all your paintballs, to then swap them out as and when you go through them. Of course, you can buy any number of magazines if you choose to.

What makes this gun super versatile is the fact that it can use a hopper or a top loader as well. So, if you are playing speedball or another type of paintball game where you need a lot of ammo in a very short amount of time, you can load up this gun with both magazines and a hopper full of paintballs, if you can handle the weight that is.

Each of the 6 magazines will hold 19 rounds. So, you are looking at a total of about 120 paintballs with 6 magazines. A top loading hopper can easily hold 100 paintballs while some of the high end hoppers can hold even 200 or more paintballs. So, there’s obviously a disadvantage at being able to carry only a small amount of ammo but the tradeoff with better aim means you can use your paintballs more sensibly, without spraying them and hoping that something will stick.

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