DIY hacks to make your lazy life smoother and hassle-free

Is it always possible to fetch and get external help? The obvious answer is ‘no’. It may happen someday that you are feeling lazy to work or you are late for school, or somehow suddenly you get engaged in any activity. What will you do? Well, neglecting your household chores is not a wise decision; neither wills your tummy listen to you if it is cut off from foods. Therefore, all you can do is adapt some DIY (do it yourself) techniques in order to finish certain works easily. DIY is nothing but strategies that involve your individual self to make things easier and requires less time.

What to do if you are lazy?
Laziness is an innate feature of every human being. Let me tell you, being lazy isn’t a crime. The amount of laziness differs from person to person. Anyhow, there are days when you feel utterly lethargic, and if there is a light drizzle outside, strains of sluggishness are nothing unusual. After fetching hard into my Pandora’s box, I have got few easy alternatives or Life hack to finish your household works in no time. Let us have a look at it.
Food for school supplies
At times it may happen that you are all alone in your house and no one is there to prepare food for you. You too feel lazy to cook. What will you do then?
• You can take some sprouted beans in a cup. Add veggies according to your preference. Top it with some mozzarella cheese and put the cup into a micro-oven for 10-20 seconds. Your food is ready.
• Similarly, you can also prepare yummy chocolate cake in a similar manner. Add flour, butter, milk, coco powder, and powdered sugar and give it a good stir. Put the mixture into the micro-oven for 40 seconds. Once the bell rings, your cake is made. You can top it with berries and a scoop of ice cream if you wish to.
• Again, if you feel reluctant to dip your hand deep inside a chips packet, all you can do is push the packet from below so that the level of chips rises and it becomes easier for you to dip your hand.
• When I need of a spoon, and you don’t have it right there, shape the lid of your ice cream cup or yoghurt into a cone shaped spoon and enjoy your food.
Therefore, if your mummy ever screams at you saying that you are lazy show her these DIY hacks and perform them as well. This will surely bring a bright smile to her face.

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