Encryption 101

Encryption is like an apple – it keeps the doctor away and it does so economically.

Though other people feel hassled about safety, it may be considered as the initial step in preventing getting “sick” and needing to stop by the physician. When you disconnect any information which you send in email messages, IMs or websites, you’re actually 1 inch nearer to evading identity theft and other online risks which might be accrued if you expose your personal data.

What does encryption do?

Encryption was basically used to guard your personal information including driver’s license, social security number, credit card numbers, bank account information, username, passwords, taxation returns and everything personal about you. This new technologies can secure your data even if it’s only stored in your personal computer and even because it’s transmitted in the World Wide Web. For example, if you disconnect a particular folder on your hard disk containing all of the files included in it, when someone else downloads the file into a USB flash disk and attempts to open it with another computer, then the file won’t be opened as it’s encrypted and can only be opened with a particular encryption software or have it returned and started onto the original computer.

How does encryption work?

Are you comfortable with the game cryptoquip? It’s really a fun puzzle game in which a brief piece of encoded text is introduced. “Every letter stands for another letter”-that is the most elementary rule so in order for you to make sense of clutter of letters on your newspaper, you need to replace the letters with a different letter. Of course, the fun is in guessing that letter stands for another letter.

That is how android pgp encryption functions. But this particular security technologies utilizes not letters however complicated mathematical algorithms which clutter your digital data into something which could only be read from the pc and its intended receiver (if you are sending it online). If you aren’t the intended receiver, you are able to still encrypt the data and read the message assuming that you’ve got the right “key” into cipher the message or set the data back into its proper order. It is not a very complicated procedure and many firms that have developed encryption software for consumers have made them to become more user-friendly.


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