Golf Tournament Fundraiser: A Fair Understanding about Tournaments and Charity

Golf has been one of the most sorted and elected sport in most of the countries which take part in national as well as international championships. Like any other sport, it has its own clubs which train the participants as well as conduct successful tournaments.

At some places, these golf clubs are funded sufficiently by the government after the successful establishment of the functioning clubs, whereas on the other hand, the sport is raised up by the un-remunerative organizations which are not funded by the government. These organizations conduct campaigns and formulate golf tournament fundraising measures. To know it in a better way let us first get to know the sport well.
The sport involves a ball which is to be hit by a club targeting a sequel of holes made on the golf-course in the least number of hits achievable. The tournaments or championships are played sequencing utmost of eighteen peepholes whereas, in the practice test matches the golf course consists of around nine peepholes. The ‘stroke play’ or the least number of strokes by virtue of which the player will be able to introduce the ball into one such hole successfully decides the win as well the number of rounds it is played, that is, the ‘match play’. The golf tournament fundraiser takes care of every rule in the tournaments and hence helps with funding.
Basic Forms Of charity golf tournament
It consists of two basic forms namely
• Match Play
• Stroke Play
Other Forms
Besides the two basic forms, the sport consists of other forms too, namely –
• Bogey Competition
• Skins
• 9 Points
• Stableford
Versions of Team Play
• Foursome
• Fourball
Unofficial Versions
• Scramble
• Champagne Scramble
• Better/ BestBall
• Greensome
• Wolf

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