How and why to consume athletic greens

athletic greens are a kind of dietary supplement and these are a combination of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and more. It consists of more than 75 natural whole food ingredients and contains no artificial flavorings, colorings, sweeteners or even sugar.

This supplement when taken first thing in the morning, acts the best. All that is needed is one heaped table spoon which is to be mixed in either water, juice or milk – based on the individual’s taste. In case one does not consume it then, it is best to consume it post the workout by mixing it with a protein shake. This is because at these times the body is starved for nutrients and so it is able to replenish itself better.
The reasons why people consume this is that it helps the immune system. These probiotics as well as antioxidants contained in it, help the immune system a great deal. It prevents you from falling ill easily.
It works as an anti-ageing formula too. It prevents cognitive decline due to age and reduces those symptoms of parkinson’s as well as alzheimers. People suffering from depression as well as ADHD benefit from it too. This contains ashwagandha as well as rhodiola and these are known to not only fight the ageing process but also stress. It helps the individual with improvement in their sleep patterns.
It also is good to alkalize the body and this allows the body to reduce cardiovascular diseases and improve memory as well as improve the digestion. In addition to these, it helps in decreasing inflammation and detoxifying the body from heavy metals. The health of the gut is preserved and due to the fact that it contains probiotics and prebiotics, the body is better able to absorb nutrients. This also helps in reduction of belly fat.

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