How can McGregor logically beat Mayweather?

As it stands, Conor McGregor is not likely to beat Floyd Mayweather. This is why bookmakers have Mayweather McGregor Odds of 1.10 for Mayweather to beat McGregor, 34.00 for a draw and 8.00 for McGregor to beat Mayweather. But this should not make people write off Conor McGregor since he is likely to cause an upset. Logically, the only way in which McGregor can defeat Mayweather is if he comes in the match with a completely different fighting style. Although this does not seem likely based on the rules, it is still possible to change his boxing style by being fast, defensive or more offensive.

But whether or not his new style will make a difference in the ring is debatable. There are many Mayweather McGregor Betting tips online that have been offered by different types of punters. Most of them are of the opinion that McGregor will not win regardless of the boxing styles he will use in this bout. Besides, many people who have followed Mayweather’s boxing career understand that he is very defensive and always times his punches accordingly. It is not easy to knock him out and has never suffered significant punches throughout his MMA career.
Conor McGregor is likely to lose this bout because he is a boxer of few rounds. Basically, McGregor tends to be more vulnerable in the last stages of a boxing match. Now, the big difference here is that Mayweather always takes his time when fighting in the ring and during the early stages of the fight; he is going to be very defensive and take in few punches. In order for McGregor to beat Mayweather, he will have to win by the sixth round. For such a market, Mayweather McGregor odds will be in his favor at 15.00. But it is good to expect the unexpected and in this case, the unexpected is McGregor defeating Mayweather.

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