How to create fake Id?

Do you want to create your duplicate ID? Then don’t to worry now, you are in the correct place for generating your fake identity. Creating fake Id is not any difficult task you can learn it very easily. Here are few simple steps for teach you to generate fake Id and once you learn it then you can generate your own fake driving license or state identification card etc.

1. Take the scan copy of your Id: Scan the driving license from the back and front side both. Also note the holographic elements of your Id. Make sure to get the proper scan copy of your driving license.
2. Edit your scan copy with image editor: Make a use of Photoshop for some editing. Open the scanned copy of your driving license with the image editing program such as paint, GIMP etc. Work very finely with the image editor so that no one can catch it.
3. Make a use of new picture: Insert new photo and try to insert the photo which has approximately same resolution and size as the original one. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo as like original photo and use the zoom in and zoom out option for getting the head in the same size as the real one. You are doing an illegal work so try to do everything accurate and similar to original one.
4. Modify the fonts and texts: Use the font which is used in your original Id. Most of the old license used courier font with slab serif. Adjust the size of the font and maintain the space between all text fields so that your duplicate Id also looks like your original Id.
Use your full name in the license; avoid making the use of abbreviations. Mention your real birth date or any date which is appropriate for your age.
At last take the print out of your fake id from the front and back side both.

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