How to promote Homestay in Malaysia

The tourism of Malaysia has unique features that make this industry different from others. There are various products and services they offer. Nowadays one kind of tourism that has more in demand is the cultural tourism.

Cultural tourism means the places that share their culture and heritage attraction with travelers. Such attractions include cultural performance, religious, practice, games and handicraft. History, religion and culture are the basic features of tourism. To experience all these features, Homestay in Melaka Homestay di Melaka is the right way. Many tourist places are offering these unique and culture.
The ethnic heritages of Malaysia are Chinese; Malays and India are such nations. Each of them have own different characteristic like game, foods, wedding ceremony and lifestyle. Malaysian will show their unique kind of lifestyle through their homestay.

This homestay is a kind of accommodation where guest can stay with host family in a house together. This is a way of Malaysian culture welcoming their guest and letting them know about the country. In homestay, you can live with traditional local people as they open their house for tourists. Their purpose is to get the feel and experience of Malaysian true lifestyle in traditional way. To experience the homestay Melaka is the cheapest as well as fastest way of tourism to know Malaysia more. Tourist can able to know how things work there traditionally without the influence of city life.
Also they can experience comfortable and warm welcoming of families. They are called host who will treat you all as their part of family. They can enjoy their traditional delicacies with them along with learning how to cook their food and the traditional lifestyle will also interest them.
Malaysia with large variety of games, they can enjoy and feel interesting like Wau, Gasing, Congkak and many more.

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