Know about CURP and its uses

If you are wondering what CURP y RFC is, let me explain you in simple terms about its meaning. The CURP is the unique key of population registry that is confirmed by an alphanumeric code of 18 characters. It is basically used for identifying both Mexican citizens and residents of the whole country. The RFC is an acronym of federal taxpayers’ registry which is used as a key in Mexico to differentiate every company as well as individual for whom it is necessary to pay taxes. Both the terms are related to the Mexican Republic in this article.

CURP is more like a form used as a registration tool for every person living within a national territory. This means, with his, you can easily count the Mexicans that are outside the public. The body that is responsible for allotting each person with the CURP is known as RENAPO. It also issues the record in the national population register.
What are the uses of CURP?S
• It is used in hundreds of paperwork and for other official documents in Mexico.
• It is also used for tax returns policies that are made almost every year to the hacienda.
• Companies and schools use it to get a better record of the employees and students respectively.
• Applications for passports, health centers, and other institutions in Mexican republic cannot be done without the use of the CURP.
• No person can reside within the territory id he or she do not have the key. It is granted to all the citizens who are already living in the city as well as those who have gone outside the national boundaries for any reason.

Representation of CURP:
With the use of eighteen elements which are represented by alphabets and numbers, the data of each person is generated with the personal documents – birth certificate and naturalization letter or immigration document.
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