Paint My Photo – The best way to keep your memories

Who of us has not lived memorable moments that he wants to save for posterity to relive them again and again, special moments with all those beings that accompany us on this journey we call life, moments like our wedding, the birth of our first child, our graduation or just a walk where we have managed to gather many of our loved ones to share laughs, dreams and a pleasant conversation. Life is full of moments like those, but each of them is unrepeatable.

In other decades those moments could only be stored in our memory because there was no other way to evoke them until then when in 1839 the first camera appeared in the hands of Daguerre. Since then we have been able to portray our best moments in images that allow us to relive them again and again.
Since then the world of photography has evolved a lot giving rise to new techniques increasingly sophisticated and more beautiful.
Among these innovations, we can find photos to paintings is a technique by which great professionals turn a photo into painting and making it in beautiful works of art that last a lifetime. is a professional gallery of the photo painting located in Xiamen, on a wide experience in the world of the personalized portrait from a photo. At we are able to paint any image you have photographed from your wedding photos to portraits of your beloved pet, turning it into a work of art in a custom oil painting that you can have for a lifetime at more than reasonable prices, adjusting to your budget, and if that were not enough guarantees your 100% satisfaction, since I do not like what we have painted we give you back your money, because for us your satisfaction is what counts.

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