Runescape Private Servers: Are They Even Legal?

Runescape Private Servers are servers that let the users of that server have the absolute control over everything of that server, got it? These little servers are mostly fun and most dangerous at the same time. You can find these servers in bulk.
Looking for them one by one might become an endless task for you; You should always look for it in bulk. You will find the list of these RSPS. But that’s not what you are for, right? You want to know if they are legal. Well, you are about to find out.

It’s a list of RSPS, obviously. If you look at this list, you will probably find some interesting servers. But that does not mean they are legal. No, they are not legal. They are considered illegal by many different laws of the various countries. But not all of them are illegal.
RSPSList contains the list of these servers, now some of these servers might be illegal. Servers like these are dangerous for the both the users and website developers. Then you will find the servers that are safe for the users but not for the host of that server; it doesn’t matter because you will end up with not having any of these private servers.
Only a few of them are legal but finding these servers is not easy at all. But if you want these private servers and you want to be safe when using those, it’s necessary that you look for the legal ones and use them only.
Well yes, they are legal when you are using the legal ones. Otherwise, according to the most of the people and different laws, Runescape Private Servers are illegal. So before you use them, find out the laws of your country for these servers. They’re not doing not use them unless some server has exclusivelicense or permission, which is rare. If they are, well then you are obviously safe from prison. For more information please visit

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