Some of the life drawing hen party games ideas

Whether you are the guest, maid of honor or the bride herself, a pre-wedding party is waiting for you to enjoy with friends. You call this pre-wedding party as the hen party. Dancing, drinking, playing the cards, doing the hot gossips, etc. is all the part of the pre-wedding party. The games can also be the part of the hen party for you to enjoy the time with full of thrills and enthusiastically. The best hen do games for the party will make you enjoy every single moment of the day. The games are not if given importance in the party then it will look incomplete.
Here are some of the best games that you can play in the hen party-
• Banned words- Just do the fun and become as naughty as you can.Choose the list of the words, which cannot be recognized and spoken throughout the night. However, be sure that you choose the word that is hard to avoid. You can also decide how severe penalty could be for breaking the rules. It could be like doing the shot, paying the fine or also doing dare.
• Bingo cards- This can be another effective hen do idea for the game.It works over the daytime cocktail treat or for afternoon tea. Have the guest to write down what type of gift the bride must receive. As she opens up the gift, mark off the gift written down. Once the guest gets the five into a row, they can shout it bingo. The gift can be like a glass of prosecco or the cake slice.
There is more several life drawing hen party games ideas that females can play to enjoy the party with full enjoyments.

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