Some points on how to make pot brownies

So you are planning to give the surprise to your brother or sister. The best thing is why you don’t present the homemade brownie to him or her on its birthday. There will be nothing more especial, unique and better that the brownie. Preparing the brownie is the very much easier task. It will not take the whole day for you to prepare it. You can search on the internet or can take the help of others on how to make pot brownies. There will be nothing more special and better than a mouthwatering brownie. Just make it in the absence of him or her and give surprise after return to the home. From this article learn how to make pot brownies.

Ingredients required-
You need to gather the ingredients like pure milk of good quality, butter, weed, egg, chocolate, sugar, square or circular shape utensil, and microwave. Take those materials like butter, milk, sugar, chocolate flavor, weed, egg in some quantity so that more people can eat it easily. These ingredients are important to make pot brownie.

Method of preparing brownie-
To start preparing the mouthwatering and delicious brownie, take edible making machine. Pour about 2 to 4 spoons of butter into it. Let it get heat. Now with the help of knife make the weed thinner in a powdered form. Add the weed into the butter. Stir it properly. Take a bowl add two eggs into it with the chocolate powder with the butter. Using the electric hand mixer, mix all those perfectly. You can add the sugar according to the taste. Take the utensil of square or circular shape. Add the entire paste that is prepared for it. Bake it in the microwave for about 15 to 20 minutes. Keep it in the refrigerator and when it becomes cool, serve to all. This is how to make pot brownies.

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