The Lone Way To Win Betting On Sports

You can find millions of sports gamblers in the world and everybody has their own way of doing things. Seemingly, all but a few must do things the wrong way because most say about 98% of all Agen Bola Tangkas end up losing.

For that bulk of the sports gamblers out there losing away, it’d be helpful if they first realized how their money is won by the casinos before attempting to take it away in the bookies. Exactly the same technique is used by the successful sports bettor.

The casino knows it is certainly going to win for one reason. It’s a built in mathematical edge that cannot be conquered with cheating or tricks. They make money at a rate that is predictable because the math does not lie. They understand a mathematical border that is small allows them to make big gains over time, regardless of who wins what.

What does that have to do with Agen Bola Tangkas? It might interest you to understand that the only game in town that doesn’t supply a set mathematical edge for the casinos is sports booking. To make up for this lack of control, they charge a vig that amounts to a 2.4% house advantage. You lose if you win half your games.

The lack of real control over the likelihood is what makes sports betting unique in gambling. You pay what the bookie considers an advantage that is okay right up front only to play. That leaves the possibility open where you might have a known edge of at least 3% to bet just on games. If the scenario has been at least that border assembled into by every bet you set, it is possible to gain money from your bookie.

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