The marvelous internet revolution

Calling it marvelous is an understatement

Calling the internet marvelous or an awesome invention is nothing short of an understatement. The internet is not just a feature of the modern world but is one of the biggest catalysts which has propelled us into the modern world. It is no longer possible for us to imagine a world without the internet.

The internet has made everything different and easier for the people of the world. There was a time when we used to lose contact with friends because they had moved away to a different city and it was hard to stay in touch. Today, staying in touch with friends thousands of miles away is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your computer or mobile phone. You can speak to each other as if you were right in front of each other and even look at each other. We no longer have to wait in queues for banks or booking tickets either as that has also become as easy as a few swipes of the finger. Virtually everything can now be done on the internet. What once used to take minutes or even hours to accomplish are now reduced to a matter of minutes. The only requirement is that people have a phone or a computer that they can use and know how to use the internet.

Innovations in television

One of the innovations of the internet is the Android Box . Unlike the regular Television, this TV box is based on the android operating system and has various options that a regular television set does not have. An android box is more preferable than a regular television set as it has not just as many options as a regular television but also has added features such as new programs and on demand television. Users do not have to stick to a strict schedule decided by the various networks but can instead use the internet to view various shows of their choice whenever they wish.

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