Top pros and cons of disposable electronic cigarettes

There are two types of electronic cigarettes a person can buy to vape. These include disposable electronic cigarettes and rechargeable full-kit electronic cigarettes. Both of these types of e-cigarettes have their pros and cons. This means that before choosing either type, one must look at its pros and cons to determine which one is suitable for them. As far as the disposable electronic cigarettes are concerned, these e-cigarettes are those that can only be used when there is e-liquid in the cartridge. This means that the e-cartridge will have to be thrown out immediately the e-juice runs out. The advantage with disposable e-cigarette is that it allows people to try vaping without spending a lot of money on the e-cigarette.

A disposable electronic cigarette is also convenient. This is because a user does not have to charge the battery since a user only has to unpack the e-cigarette, use the e-cigarette and dispose of the e-cigarette when finished. Furthermore, these units are readily available and one can buy them from convenience stores, tobacco shops and gas stations, making the units ideal for travellers. The disadvantage with disposable electronic cigarettes is that they can be expensive if purchased in the long run. The cost can actually be more than buying a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, some online stores now offer subscriptions whereby users are required to pay a certain amount of money and in return, they get a monthly supply of the disposable electronic cigarettes.

Secondly, a disposable e-cigarette does not give the user the chance to customize their vaping experience. This is because a user is limited to the nicotine strengths and flavours offered in the package. The nicotine strengths can be difficult to determine if they are not indicated on the unit. Thirdly, disposable electronic cigarettes only come with automatic batteries. This means that a user does not have much control over their personal vaping experience.

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