What are the different parts of sash box windows London?

A search box window is a huge window that is made up of movable panels. These form frames to hold panes of glass. The world sash refers to the single frame for glazing. They can be opened at the top or the bottom. These give your house a traditional look. These were the inherent part of British architectural. It makes your house look more elegant. There are a lot of companies that offer sash box windows london . They manufacture and sell these types of windows. They also offer to sell custom- made sash box windows in London. You can order them online through their websites.

Essential parts of a sash box window:

• Top Rail: It is the top horizontal member of a sash. It is located at the very top.

• Box frame: It is also referred to as a jamb. It is a box type with three timber linings.

• Weight pockets: Weights hang in the pockets made by wood lining.

• Parting beads: This is a small and narrow vertical seal that is fixed in the box frame as to enable a smooth run of upper and lower sashes.

• Meeting rails: It is the horizontal structure that satisfies two sashes in the middle. They facilitate closing the window tightly.

• Timber lining: It forms the casing if the box frame. It is hallow from inside. They come in three parts namely: Outer, inner and pulley lining.

• Pulley wheel: It is placed at the top of the pulley lining. A cord passes over it to counterbalance its weight.

Sach box windows London needs to be chosen correctly to get a clean look. There are several changes brought to its traditional look. There are different designs include Venetian, Queen Anne Revival style, Regency, Gothic revival and much more. They are also available in various cost range as per your requirement. For this, you will have to choose a good company giving customized service.

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