What are the situations when you can use the mass unfollow Twitter tool?

Twitter is considered one of the most standard social media platforms which define the character and personality of a person by his tweets, the topic of his tweets and the language which he uses in his tweets. But many twitter amateur users follow a lot of people on Twitter without concerning, much about their image which is portrayed in front of other people, when they follow some random person. In such a situation they try to find out how they can use the twitter unfollow tool.

Usage of Twitter unfollow tool-
• If you have followed someone by mistake and that person is not following you back.
• If you do not like to read the tweets of the person, you are following.
• If your account is getting spam tweets and people are senselessly re-tweeting your tweets.
• If you do not know the user personally and you both and are just interacting over Twitter.
• If someone tried to threaten you and mentions you in wrong tweets.

Most of the times, people create fake accounts over Twitter. These accounts may either include the name of another person, his contact details, and his important data. Even most of the times, a lot of people who do not use Twitter, find fake accounts of their names on such sites.

Therefore, before you follow anyone, you must go through the whole profile of that person and must check whether that profile is real or not. Because such fake profiles are created by people to steal your data, and their intention could be anything which we couldn’t judge easily. Therefore, to keep all your details safe and secure, just think twice before you follow other people and allow others to follow you. If you keep certain factors in mind and follow people only after judging them, you may never need a twitter unfollow tool.

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