What is soclean cpap? And how does it work?

Soclean is a machine that cleans, sanitizes or disinfects the CPAP machine. A CPAP is a machine that comes with a mask worn by people who are being treated for sleep apnea. This soclean cpap cleans them without taking tits accessories apart. It makes use of activated oxygen to clear molds, viruses, bacteria that can be present on your CPAP machine. It uses a natural process and is an environment-friendly to clear bacteria to build up on your CPAP.

How do they work?
So clean cpap will makes use of activated oxygen to do its work. Activated oxygen is formed by adding an atom to oxygen. This atom is then added to the oxygen we breathe. The molecule that is formed has the best of abilities to destroy germs and organisms through oxidation. This process has been made so clean a good method to clean CPAP. This activated oxygen is then pumped into CPAP machine. It is then made to pass through a hose which efficiently kills germs.
In the next step, the activated oxygen that is made to travel through CPAP mask and is released in the compartment that holds the mask. It ensures that all its parts are in touch with activated oxygen. A soclean cpap traps the activated oxygen with its closed system. It also ensures that all the wires and electronics are well exposed. This machine only needs to be run for two minutes. But the process needs two hours of time. This is the best method to sanitizing and disinfects your CPAP machine.

A soclean cpap is very convenient in use. It is the best for cleaning home CPAP models. It also offers the complete sanitizing option without the use of chemical or even the use of water. It is very safe and natural mode to clean your CPAP as it only makes use of activated oxygen. This way you can maintain your CPAP in a better way.

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