What is the necessity of custom garments and what is its application?

The application of custom garments

The custom garments are basically made to measure the sizes of the garment. As the sizes of people vary in both widths as well as lengths, the needs of their garments also vary in sizes. A fat man needs a wide range of garment, and a tall man needs a bigger length of garments than a short size individual.

How will you select your garments matching with your body size?

The made to measure or shortly MTM or M2M represents to clothing which is sewn for a proper size or pattern. When you buy the ready-made garment for your urgent use, then you have to choose the perfect size of the garment so that it can fit properly on your body and look most handsome. When you make your clothing from the tailoring, then they will take the measurement of your body and then made the garments as per your body size and your choice.

The need of embroidery

The tailor gets the scope to construct the garment as per the size of the individual. However, the made-to-measure clothing is more expensive than the ready-to-wear clothing. The embroidery refers a special type of stitching on the clothing, hats, caps, and stockings. This technique of stitching makes the garments more beautiful and lasting.

The embroidery may vary in accordance with the variety of yarn color as well as the type of thread. Embroidery is a very old technique, but the modern embroidery is more eye-catching and lucrative. Fundamental techniques or stitches on the enduring instances of traditional embroidery. The modern embroidery includes the patterns of satin stitch, chain stitch, cross stitch, running stitch, buttonhole or blanket stitch and much more.

Why is DTG popular?

The abbreviation DTG refers to Direct to garment printing.The basic benefit of using the DTG printing is the minimum set-up expense. Immediate turnaround time is also not involved with the methods of traditional garment printing like screen printing. So, you can easily make this printing with a low-cost price.

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