Why it is challenging to activate GTA 5 cheats on cell phones

Activating cheats on mobile devices is always challenging for most players. One reason for this is that cheat codes on cell phones come in the form of a number. The number can have between 10 and 12 digits making it difficult for some players to master certain numbers. Besides, these numbers come in the form of a telephone number meaning that a player will have to call a specific number in order to activate the corresponding cheat. Consider the full health and armor GTA 5 cheat for example. In order to activate this cheat, a player will have to call the number 1-999-887-853 on their cell phone.

If a player wants to give extra ammo and weapons, the player will have to call the number 1-999-8665-87 on the cell phone. This will enable the player get additional ammunition, an assault rifle, pistol, knife, grenade, sawed off shotgun, RPG and SMG. Using codes to enter their corresponding gta 5 cheats on mobile devices can be challenging, especially if a player does not know which number they should call. This is one factor that makes most players use gaming consoles and PC to play the game because activating cheats on these platforms is a matter of pressing several button combinations.

In order to use cheat codes on cell phones, it is best that a player writes down all the cheat codes they think are relevant to their game. If a player wants to play gta 5 modded
as any character, they will be required to enter the director mode. The director mode can be entered by calling the number 1-999-578-25368. A player can also lower or raise a wanted level by calling 1-999-529-93787 or 1-999-384-48483. As it can be noted from the numbers above, their digits vary from 10 to 12. If a single digit is missed when calling the numbers, this will not activate the wanted cheat.

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