Why more people are buying coffee beans now

The people who are very particular about the taste of their coffee cannot compromise on its quality at all. Generally, it is seen that instant coffee powder available in the market is bought by the people. The reason behind its popularity is its ease of making. But those who have used coffee beans once never like to (buy kopi luwak) buy luwak coffee in powdered form again.
Why coffee beans are gaining popularity?

The coffee beans are responsible for the most authentic taste of coffee. When you grind coffee beans fresh for your cup, you get all the aromas of the beans intact and a coffee that is most flavorful of all.
When coffee beans are ground they liberate the oils from the broken cells. These oils are volatile. When you buy instant coffee most of the oils escape as soon as you open the pack. Slowly on subsequent opening of the pack the oils are lost completely giving you just the flat taste. The flavor and aroma of the coffee is only due to the oils that are liberated on grinding the coffee.
This is the reason that more and more people are opting to purchase kopi luwak beans as opposed to instant coffee. Though you may have to put in more efforts to make coffee from the coffee beans but the flavor that you get from the coffee is most fulfilling.
Why do different varieties have different taste?
There are many varieties of coffee in the market and not all of them are the same. This is due to the fact that they are grown in different regions of the world that differ in their environment and soil quality. Also the way coffee is treated alters the taste and aroma of the beans which is why people like to have a particular variety of coffee.

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