Why should you buy silver bullion coins?

Investing money in silver is a great option if you cannot afford the gold investment. As these days buying silver bullion coins has become vat free, it will save a lot of money which you can otherwise use on other investment. Please note that while buying silver coins never buy any old or rare collected coins as the market value may get reduced due to its improper identity. What can be better than investing in metals that are tax free? So why wait do a good research on silver bars and coins and start buying them. This article below will help you a more in buying coins.

What should you buy bars or coins?
It is preferable to buy coins instead of bars due to its easy purchase and low premium. As coins are bought in bulk, the premium is less. Coins are easily exchanged.
Advantages and disadvantages of buying silver bullion coins
Advantages of buying silver coins:
• A cheaper alternative to gold and affordable.
• This silver can be used in industrial and medical purpose which gild does not have.
• Insurance Policy remains secured.
• Silver without vat is a great advantage.
The disadvantages of buying silver coins:
• Profit is unsure, so it’s like gambling. You never know whether the rate will increase or not.

Where can you get best quality silver coins?
Vat free silver is mostly ordered from Estonia & then insecure shipped to various part of Europe. Also, you can buy them from Singapore. Singapore is one of the largest dealers of silver coins and bars and gives you the opportunity of cheap silver buying investment. If you do not live in Europe, in that case, some import duties will be added to the value of the silver, but the huge vat and tax amount get deducted. So it is the safest and secure place to buy silver.

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