Why video walls are engineered for longevity and reliability

Video walls can be used for outdoor advertising because they are engineered for longevity and reliability. Many video wall manufacturers have introduced various technologies that give businesses the capacity to place their advertisements exactly where they need them to be viewed. Video walls for electronic advertising are placed outdoors or in unfavorable environments where traditional LED Screen displays cannot withstand the elements. In order to handle the harsh environment experienced outdoors such as bright sunlight, dust, high humidity, cold and heat, video walls are currently being developed with multiple protective features so that they can run or operate reliably.

Heat protection shells are now placed between a video wall’s glass and backlighting, along with wider air gaps. The wider air gaps ensure optimal cooling and added circulation. Diffuser shells on back panels of video walls are put to spread the heat evenly and eliminate any hot patches. These protective features added to a modern Video Wall are very crucial because they ensure that the general displays will run continuously and efficiently. This in the end can guarantee extended lifespan of the video wall, stability and reduced power consumption. Since the outdoors can experience bright sunlight, video walls are now made to be super bright.

The super brightness of LED Display video wall is compensated for very strong light conditions to ensure the most lifelike and vivid imagery possible. This compensation also means people will be able to see images very easily and red text regardless of how bright the immediate environment is. Video walls also come with topical dimming capacities to improve image contrast ratio through reducing the intensity of dark image sections while increasing brightness of the lighter sections significantly. These displays also feature anti-refection surfaces to enhance readability. The video wall is also made to reduce dust particles from penetrating the unit through specially designed features like a two-layered structure and corner sealing.

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