Why you should try out the brand new Bet stars website?

Bet stars are the latest rising online bookmaker website and are launched by the most popular online betting leading poker site Poker stars. Being new in the market it has many specialties which other normal bookmakers lack in. Following are the list of what can you expect from this site.

What can u expect?

At the moment Betstars caters for all popular games and sports which include football (mainly), rugby, darts, horse racing, cricket, basketball, snooker, boxing and many other martial arts. Many high profile sports are also included in the list.

What are the pros and cons of these stars?

Following are the advantages:

• Simple and nice site design which is eye soothing.

• Proper site layout and navigation facility.

• Applicable to all types of mobiles (both iPhone and Android sets).

• They provide wide sports betting market.

• You can enhance odds with the innovative “Spin and Bet” promotion.


Like all other websites it also has certain disadvantages:

• There is a big NO in play betting option- As the Australian Government prohibits in play betting, there is no play betting option in Bet stars website.

• Limited deposit option- Deposit options are pretty much limited to MasterCard and Visa.

• No live streaming option available.

• No outsiders are welcomed- if you are not an Australian or New Zealander you cannot join Bet stars sports book.

Football Bets being the most popular sport out there

Among all the major sports Football Bets are the most popular ones in America may be because of the reason that people are more familiar and attached to this particular sport than any other major sports. And now there is a double benefit for you to place your bet in football matches because you can get free suggestions and tips from football bets.tips website. For a final verdict if you are an Australian resident Bet Star is the exceptional sports book for you.

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