WordPress plugin: Brings you the best for you

What is wordpress plugin?

Currently, wordpress is the fastest growing software which initially was largely associated with blogging as its main function was easy blogging, but now with time it grew up to be the one helping to make acomplicated website and became a strong content management system rather than just a blogging tool.

It is the most usable software today as for its user friendly interface and ability of multiple plugins which gives it a large range of diversified functionality. A plugin is a piece of software which is a group of functions which when added to a wordpress website increases its functionality adding more functionality to it. Hence are few best wordpressplugin.

Here are some essential top wordpress plugin you should have
 Hummingbird
 Defender
 W3 Total cache
 Jetpack
 Akismet
 Contact Form7
 Snapshot
 Market Press Commerce
 Appointments+
 Ultimate Branding
 Membership
 Pro Sites
 WP Smash pro
 Smartcrawl
 B J Lazy load
 Duplicator
 Floating Social
 Relevenssi

Some key features of best wordpress plugin themes are
 The themes of wordpress plugin are little overwhelming.
 The top priority of the wordpress plugin is aresponsive design.
 The themes are mostly user-friendly.
 Some examples of themes are THEME FOREST or THEME REPOSITORY.
 Theme choice every time doesn’t depend on popularity only.
 The theme is always relevant to the plan.
 Portfolio themes are way different from the one designed for theme retailers.
 Widgets are used to match the overall making inclusion a must.
 Popular themes just don’t have widgets, but they also have a large space to include them.
 Placement options extend beyond side-bars to widget areas in theheader, footer and above and below contents.

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